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About a year ago, I was attending a showing of The Dark Knight Rises. I watched Gotham City fall under Bane’s totalitarian regime, the resulting social upheaval, and the eventual resistance led by Batman. Somewhere around the point where Joseph Gordon-Levitt kept drawing the symbol of a bat on buildings to give people hope, it dawned on me: This story seems to be happening a lot right now.

Stories about people living under unjust systems and governments were everywhere. The Occupy Wall Street movement had been making news since the previous fall. For some time, EA had been telling me that I should read The Hunger Games. That fall would see the premiere of the television show Revolution. Shoot, even Coldplay’s most recent work, Mylo Xyloto, was a pseudo-concept album about kids trying to make it work in some sort of dystopian society. 

I was beginning to notice this vibe in the cultural air as I was thinking about the next summer’s Seesalt theme. And it occurred to me that these stories of oppressed people, totalitarian regimes, and a hope for some sort of uprising was not all that different from the context of the gospels. Rome was Bane’s henchmen, Panem, and all other powerful oppressors rolled up into a historical empire and multiplied several times over. The tension and resistance that was seen in these cultural stories would have been quite similar to that which existed in the day of Jesus.

All of which led to a question: What if we took the story of Jesus and set it in the context of these present day stories of resistance?


The Resistance is actually the original name that I had for the theme. The name Uprising, which I like quite a bit better, did not come around until I officially pitched the theme. But I loved the idea of focusing solely on the story of Jesus and his followers. I feel like sometimes we get so bogged down in theology, morality, and other things that are genuinely important to the Christian faith, that we sometimes forget or take for granted the beating heart that is the gospel story.

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In the midst of training and the first couple weeks of Seesalt, it’s probably going to be a lot of short posts and random videos on here. Here’s a look at us unloading the truck at Sea Mist (the site of our first two weeks of camp). It gets the epic movie trailer treatment thanks to a fun little program on iMovie. Enjoy.

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