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The Super Serious Jesus Talk Face

So I have this problem of eavesdropping on people when I hear a conversation about faith going on. It’s not because I’m nosy; my ears just prick up when I hear someone talking about Jesus or Paul’s view of atonement or Qoheleth (that last one hasn’t ever happened).

I picked up on another of these conversations while eating lunch this afternoon at Chipotle. As I glanced over at the two guys talking, I noticed that they were staring each other down as they talked. It was like they had just heard North Korea had launched a nuclear missile and they were trying to figure out what to do next. It was tense. So I stopped eavesdropping and returned to attending to my chip-hungry son.

Then I went back in my mind through other Jesus conversations that I have overheard. Most of those people had the very same faces. People of all ages and backgrounds talking about faith with this somber intensity. Now faith, religion, and the gospel are serious matters. I am well aware of that and some conversations are just serious conversations from beginning to end. But come on, there should at least be some occasional warmth, a smile, or a shared laugh at some point when you’re talking about what is commonly referred to as the Good News, right? Just a thought.

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Hunger Games Signs at the Marathon

Marathon spectators will often hold up signs of encouragement. Sometimes it will be cheering on specific people. You’ll see a lot of “Go Mom!” signs held up by adorable kids or “Run (person’s name) run!” signs. Some are more general. There are a ton of “Run like you stole something!” and “Kick asphalt!” (sometimes the latter sign has an additional “s” just in case we didn’t pick up on a pun that was seemingly hatched by a lunch table of 3rd grade boys) signs.

On Saturday, I noticed a lot of Hunger Games-inspired signs: “Welcome to District 12!” and “May the Odds Ever Be in Your Favor.” I understand Hunger Games is a big deal, but I feel like a book featuring a weapons-fueled death match may not be the most appropriate reference for an event in which some people already feel like they’re going to die. It’s as if I’d come to mile 23 and a person hands me a cup of Gatorade, a battle axe, and says, “I’d stay sharp. I just gave the dude in front of you a crossbow.”  

Just a thought. But I know it comes from a sincere place, so thanks for the encouragement.

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